27th Conference of the European Cetacean Society

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27th Conference of the European Cetacean Society

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27th Conference of the European Cetacean Society
Interdisciplinary approaches in the study of marine mammals

Setúbal, Portugal
De 8 a 10 de Abril de 2013

Several centuries ago, when transoceanic travels and exploration were in their infancy, most oceans and water masses experienced a close to pristine situation characterized by an ecological equilibrium. Man itself was barely a part of the equation. Populations of predators and prey were relatively stable and fluctuated naturally. Natural disasters have occurred throughout history but until recently effects were more localised. Climate change also occurred but at a slower rate with gradual impacts. In the past exploitation of marine resources and their ecosystems increased in response to human needs, albeit rather limited by the available technology. However, with the advent of industrialization, and increased technical resources available to man, this has led to a change in equilibrium which was once favourable to the environment. Man is now capable of overfishing, causing direct changes in the environment at spatial and temporal scales never before imagined. As a consequence, the impacts of anthropogenic factors are now more frequent and intense, and have far exceeded the magnitude that the natural world was able to cope with by itself.

Undoubtedly at present we are faced with new, diverse and unexpected challenges. Renewable energy is now being produced in the marine environment. There is an increased concern with the effects of climate change, the depletion of natural resources, the potentially irreversible transformation of ecological systems and the loss of traditional economic activities and associated human cultures. Therefore, mankind is now striving for solutions and alternatives.

Combining ecological and biological subjects with emerging disciplines such as marine environmental history and historical marine ecology, culture and governance of the sea, marine biodiversity and its economy, it is possible to better understand the evolution of the marine environment as well as our relationship with this ecosystem. It is our expectation that building on innovative data collection and techniques in the context of interdisciplinary research and the application of integrated processes that build on established concepts and current trends, to inform future prospects. The 27th ECS conference will promote informed insights and perceptions about how to shape a better future for marine mammals, and by extension, a better future for us all.

Do come and join us locally in this exciting and global challenge!

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